Remote access (Shibboleth)

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Shibboleth is a technology, which provides mechanisms for authentication in a computer network. It is supported at Charles University and allows remote access to selected electronic information resources outside the university network.

By now there are available resources from Ovid, EBSCO and Web of Science, Elsevier Science Direct and Scopus, WilsonWeb, Cambridge Jounals, British Medical Journals and ebrary. We are expecting to be supported more resources in near future. Resources which support Shibboleth have this icon Shibboleth.

You do not need any extra settings to use remote access (Shibboleth).

How to use resources via Shibboleth?

You can find a Shibboleth link nearby selected resources. Use your university login name and password from Central Authentication Service.

Some of the resources requires additional information to allow you to log in. Use these for Charles University:

Region (group): (Czech academic identity federation)
Institution: Charles University in Prague

Connection settings for specified information resources

Due to incomplete implementation of Shibboleth standard by some service providers (inf. resources) is not possible to use the so-called multiple roles (affiliations), as in the case of overlapping studies of more than one faculty or employment in parallel with the study. Therefore, the user must choose her/his primary role, which will be sent to the service provider. Settings can be changed anytime and is active again after logging in to the resource. Settings interface is availabe at CAS UK server - its URL is Then, follow the pictures. Settings for MetaLib and DigiTool Settings for OvidSP

Overview and details

In case of any troubles please contact us according to the Remote access doesn't work...