Remote access to electronic resources

If you are working on a computer outside the Charles University network you can still access your favourite e-resources - through remote access. The remote access allows you to use electronic resources from anywhere. The authentication is based on your ID/password (your account at Charles University Authentication Service). Resources made available by this Portal are accessible by two technologies:

For Remote Access you can use:

  1. this E-resources Portal. Use "Remote access (Shibboleth)" or "Remote access (EZproxy)" links at each e-resource page.
  2. the EZProxy Portal.

Guides for remote access:

  • Faculty of Science: Remote Access to the online sources
    author: Scientific information department

  • LF3: Access to Databases and E-resources (portal PEZ) and Remote Access to E-sources for Students (portal EZ Proxy)
    author: Martina Hábová

  • Working with EZproxy - remote access to the databases of Charles University
    author: Petr Novák

  • In case of problems contact us using detailed instructions.