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SFX – context linking service

The SFX Link Resolver of Charles University in Prague (CUNI) provides connection to full-texts and other supplementary services of all available articles and ebooks. Connection is provided by the "SFX Button" and united menu of library services. Users are spared browsing one database after another and search the right one which contains the available document. In many cases is it enough to use one database only. Although it may contain just abstracts, users are guided to the right source by the SFX menu.

All main licensed sources available at Charles University in Prague support this functionality – (e.g. ProQuest, EBSCO, SpringerLink, Science Direct, etc.). Metalib, eJournals Portal and, for example, also Google Scholar. The whole list of all supported sources is available here.

The SFX services run by a OpenURL technology - standardized format of Uniform Resource Locator. It contains all important metadata of searched document. These metadata are sent from a source (Ebscohost, Web of Science, Pubmed, Google Scholar, etc.) to the Link Resolver which keeps all locations of full-texts (including supplementary services) in its Knowledge Base. The Link Resolver compares the query with the data stored in Knowledge Base and generates an easy-to-read user menu containing all activated services.

SFX Services for users of CUNI
  • eJournals and eBooks Portal
  • Connection to full-texts of electronical articles, journals and books across databases by the "SFX Button"
  • Searching available electronical articles with Citation Linker service
  • bX Recommendation Service
  • bX Hot Articles to get the most favourite articles sorted by a subject
  • Connection the e-journals, e-books and e-articles by OpenURL technology
  • Connection to the Charles University Central Catalogue

SFX services you can find by the SFX Button:

Some sources do not support the standard button and offer several other variants of alternative buttons, or connection by a text link.