Brief info: factual database from the field of medicine
Direct access from: FAF, FTVS, LFHK, LFP, 1. LF, 2. LF, 3. LF
Remote access (EZproxy) for?: FAF, FTVS, LFHK, LFP, 1. LF, 2. LF, 3. LF
Producent: Wolters Kluwer
Valid until: 31.12.2020
Category: licensed resource
Related domains: Medicine
Full info:

UpToDate is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support system available online via computer (on-site and remote access), smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled device.
UpToDate covers thousands of topics in different medical specialties. It provides current, synthesized clinical information to answer clinicians’ questions quickly, increase clinical knowledge and improve patient care.

The e-resource is available also for employees of university hospitals.

The access to this e-resource was supported by the CzechELib project.

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Type of the resource: Factual source
Language: english
Contact person: EIZ UK Admin -