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Digitální univerzitní repozitář (Digital repository of Charles University) is run on the system DigiTool and provides access to:

  • collection of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) defended before 2006,
  • collection of maps of the Faculty of Science of CU (TEMAP project),
  • historical collection of the Faculty of Law Library (historical sources of the Czech Law),
  • historical library collections of Faculty of Arts of CU, incl. "Corpus scriptorum ecclesiaticorum Latinorum" collection,
  • private libraries of Czech personalities, working materials and documents produced by the CU Rectorate, the
  • historical documents of the Institute of the History of Charles University and Archive of Charles University and to
  • ePrezencka - a collection which contains the electronic versions of frequently claimed documents and e-books for on-line and on-site reading only.

The repository also contains open access collections of:

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Archive of Charles University
  • Faculty of Science

ETDs are available available only for students and employess of CU from university IPs and after login.
CU Rectorate: Access is restricted to staff only (all University staff).

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