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Useful link  DigiBooks – digitálna knižnica pre nevidiacich  [direct access]  – digital library of Czech and Slovak texts for the blind
Useful link  ERIH PLUS  [direct access]  – catalogue of scientific e-journals from the fields of social sciences and humanities
Useful link  Google Books  [direct access]  – multidisciplinary search engine for e-books
Useful link  Google Scholar  [direct access | remote access via EZproxy]  – multidisciplinary search engine for scholarly literature
Useful link  Library & Information Science (KIV) Subject Gateway  [direct access]  – searching portal from the fields of librarianship and information science
Useful link  Oborová brána Právo  [direct access]  – searching portal from the field of law
Useful link  Uniform information gateway (UIG)  [direct access | remote access (Shibboleth)]  – interface for simultaneous searching in different Czech and foreign resources
Useful link  WikiLectures  [direct access]  – open access portal for medicine study materials
Useful link  WikiSofia  [direct access]  – open access portal of study materials from humanities