Free-trial Resources

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Free-trial resource  ASME Digital Collection  [direct access | remote access (Shibboleth)] Free-trial  – Digital Collection Complete
Free-trial resource  ASME Standards  [direct access] Free-trial  – ASME Standards Complete
Free-trial resource  Bates’ Visual Guide  [direct access] Free-trial  – Clinical reasoning skills videos
Free-trial resource  Bentham Science Journals Online  [direct access | remote access via EZproxy] Free-trial  – Bentham Science Publishers is an international STM publisher answering the information needs of the pharmaceutical and biomedical research journal.
Free-trial resource  Books@Ovid - Doody's Nursing Practice Core a Star Premier Titles 2017/2018  [direct access | remote access via EZproxy] Free-trial  – Selected e-books
Free-trial resource  Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database  [direct access | remote access (Shibboleth)] Free-trial  – Database for applying EBM methods in practice
Free-trial resource  Lippincott Procedures  [direct access] Free-trial  – Fulltext and multimedia database of instructions showing how to perform procedures
Free-trial resource  Ovid Emcare  [direct access | remote access (Shibboleth)] Free-trial  – Nursing database